How to Create a Retreat at Home

Although I’m a huge advocate of traveling, making connections, and giving myself the gift of a retreat away from home, I understand that this may not be feasible for everyone all the time. Perhaps you are juggling family and work responsibilities, or simply don’t have the time or finances to get away. Or, maybe you’ve given yourself this gift and want to experience the same health and relaxation benefits at home. Whatever your reason, self-care is the most invaluable gift you can give to yourself, and creating a retreat at home is easier than you might think.

  1. Create time. This has to be intentional, uninterrupted, 100% you time. Mark it off on your calendar. Bold it. Circle it. Look forward to it. If finding time away from others (family, housemates) is challenging, start with small increments. Try hiding away with a bubble bath, or indulge in lavender oil, and sea salts. Light a candle, turn down the lights, play soothing music. Personal spa!
  1. Create space. Find a private, quiet space in your home. Make it clean, comfortable, and inspiring.
  1. Create silence. Turn off your phone, the television, your computer, and other distractible noises. Replace these with silence, or a quiet, calm, playlist of meditative sounds.
  1. Create energy (positive of course). Start your day with some meditation, yoga, a slow walk, a massage, or spend time in nature to create awareness, focus, and energy. Choose something that clears your head and leaves you feeling light and happy. Retreats don’t have to be solo affairs. It’s perfectly legit to invite your close friends to your retreat at home. Sharing this time with people who know you, support you, and fuel you can be extremely rewarding.
  1. Create nourishment. Nourish your body and your soul. Start with some of your favourite healthy foods and snacks and keep yourself fueled with fresh herbal teas.
  1. Create focus. Try lighting a candle in your space. Even just getting out of your usual routine can help to bring focus and awareness to the present. Set intentions for your retreat, your day, or whatever time you’ve been able to set aside for yourself. Intentions aren’t goals, but rather, a way to direct your focus. They come from your heart and provide a vision from which you can set goals.campingcandlespin
  1. Create a field of gratitude. Take the time to acknowledge and appreciate the things that you are grateful for, that inspire you, fuel you, wake you up, and ignite you.

Whether at home, or away, remember that the key to creating a relaxing retreat is to listen to your body and focus on what you need. Give yourself the time and space to really indulge. And if a destination retreat is what you’re looking for, check out OMbiance Yoga’s upcoming retreats, or connect with me for other recommendations.



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