5 Life Lessons from the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are comprised of 18 volcanic islands, located between Iceland, Norway, and Scotland. Because of its' remote location, these islands are largely untouched, offering beautiful, pristine landscapes, waiting to be explored, and photographed. Hike up traditional Faroese pathways, and breathe in some of the cleanest air in the world.


Weekend in Las Vegas – Yogi Style (A Healthy Guide to Las Vegas)

Las Vegas – a magical place where you can shun all responsibilities and do whatever you want without being judged. The best part is that “whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Sounds great, right? I was 14 years old when I made my first visit to Vegas. I was fascinated by the larger than … Continue reading Weekend in Las Vegas – Yogi Style (A Healthy Guide to Las Vegas)

Flight Tips: How to Find the Best Flights for your Travels

So, now that you’ve chosen a destination, you need to find the best way to get there. “Best” considers cost, time, and convenience. Depending on your destination, it may be possible for you to find transportation by way of trains, buses, car, bicycle, or foot. However, the largest expense for most travelers is airfare. Here … Continue reading Flight Tips: How to Find the Best Flights for your Travels

So, where are you going next? (How to Choose Your Next Travel Destination)

Having travelled somewhere every month for the past decade or so, this is by far, the most popular question I am asked. People are always very surprised when I reply with, “I don’t know yet” with only a week or two left before the next month, and are even more astonished when they realize that … Continue reading So, where are you going next? (How to Choose Your Next Travel Destination)

OMbiance Yoga & Photography Retreat – July 8-15, 2017 in the Faroe Islands

Calling all yoga and photography enthusiasts and adventurers! Are you an amateur photographer interested in developing your skills in shooting landscapes? Come! Or perhaps you are interested in learning to shoot yoga models in landscapes? This retreat is for you! Serious photographers, we've got your back. Johnathan will work with you to fine tune your skills to improve your images. And of course, this retreat is for yogis! Beginning yogis, intermediate yogis, advanced yogis. Our mixed levels classes will allow you to start, or deepen your practice. For those yogis interested in developing a yoga portfolio, you also have the opportunity to learn to model yoga poses for our photographers! All of our classes and activities are optional. Come for the yoga, come for the photography, come for the adventure, come for all! We're easy like that 🙂

Flight Tips: 30 Things to Do on a Layover

As an avid traveler, I spend a lot of time in airports, bus stations, train stations, and ferry stations. Layovers, regardless of what type of building they occur in, don't have to be dreaded. Here are 30 things you can do while on a layover: Sightsee – whenever possible, capitalize on layovers by building in … Continue reading Flight Tips: 30 Things to Do on a Layover

7 Reasons Solo Travel is Good for Your Soul

I’ve been traveling solo for a number of years now, but it didn’t start out by choice. My traveling style has definitely evolved over the years, from joining large group tours or excursions, traveling with a small group of friends, spending one on one time with a significant other, loved one, or close friend, to … Continue reading 7 Reasons Solo Travel is Good for Your Soul

Yogi Treats: Homemade Protein Bars

It's a constant search for healthy, and actually tasty, snacks that will pass through the TSA security at airports when I'm traveling. Can't be too messy, gooey, melty, heavy.... or plain inconvenient to carry. My bf was headed on a long roadtrip this week so I wanted to pack some healthy snacks for his journey … Continue reading Yogi Treats: Homemade Protein Bars

How to Create a Retreat at Home

Although I’m a huge advocate of traveling, making connections, and giving myself the gift of a retreat away from home, I understand that this may not be feasible for everyone all the time. Perhaps you are juggling family and work responsibilities, or simply don’t have the time or finances to get away. Or, maybe you’ve … Continue reading How to Create a Retreat at Home

6 Tips for Stress-free Holiday Travel

Okay, so maybe stress-FREE might be a bit misleading, but these tips will definitely help to REDUCE the amount of stress incurred from traveling during the holidays. The problem with holiday travel, is that there are more people…everywhere. So whether you are flying, driving, or taking public transit, probability that you will experience slower service, … Continue reading 6 Tips for Stress-free Holiday Travel